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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "[Angela] Stoeger [a bioacoustician] played recordings of Koshik's various utterances for 16 native Korean speakers, asking them to transcribe the sounds.Two Thirds of listeners agreed on the vowel sounds of his vocalizations,' (Milius 11) "First Kanzi [the bonobo] used 6 symbols, then 18, finally 348." (Raffaele 74) "An Asian elephant has learned to mimic five words in Korean, creating a humanlike tone by sticking its trunk into its mouth." (Milius 11) "Koko [a bonobo] has a working vocabulary of 1,000 signs and understands 2,000 spoken words." (Rosinsky 10) "Kanzi [the bonobo]--who usually played in the background, seemingly oblivious, during his mother's teaching sessions-picked up the language." (Raffaele 74) Did You Know ... That Animals Have Huge Vocabularies? According to Kirsten Weir, Alex the parrot gets tested on his language skills every now and then, and answers correctly 80 percent of the time Tiffany Kaiser said that a Border Collie named Chaser knows over 1000 names of his toys. When he is tested he gets at least 90% correct everytime. Adrianna Jay states that Mishka, a Siberian Husky, is able to "say" words and phrases like, i love you, hello, and i'm hungry. Kirsten Wier also mentions thatAlex knows around 100 words that go from Green Bean, his favorite snack to "Alley Bird", the name he calls himself Over the course of a month and a half Bruce Bower says,different baboons were able to recognize 81 through 308 different words, which they selected in about 7000 other non-words. Jackson Morin
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