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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Born on April 22, 1870 in Simbrisk,Russia, which was later renamedUlyanovsk in his honor, and died on January 21, 1924 in Gorki Leninskiye, Russia. Hewas the fouder of the RussianCommunist Party. He was also the leaderof the Bolshevik Revolution and was thefirst head of the Soviet state. He isconsidered one of the most ifluential andcontroversial political figures of the 20thcentury. He finished first in his high school class, and showed a particular gift for Latinand Greek. Lenin had 5 siblings, and all of themwould take part in some revolutionary activity.He was exiled to Siberia for 3 years in 1895 for his role in suspicious activity. In 1918,during his rise to power, Lenin escapedan assassination attack from a politicalopponent. He suffered 3 stokes, the thirdone eventually kiling him, and lefthis power to Joseph Stalin. Valdimir Ilich Lenin Aldous Huxley illustratedVladimir Lenin in Brave New World because he interprets the ideas ofcommunism. In a communistnation, the citizens are controlledwith punishment. In Brave NewWorld, the citizens get sent toIceland if they don't follow the rules. Communist nations also haveclass struggles. With the Alpha, Beta,Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon system, Brave New World also demonstratesthis concept. You're also not aloudto have individual thoughts in a communist society. In Brave NewWorld, people isolate you and seeyou as weird if you're not like everyone else in the society. Theleaders in Brave New World alsoban books so the citizens don't realize how the society as a wholeis bad. Leaders in a communistsociety also have all the power, anddecide who gets to live and die.In Brave New World, the women areforced to be fertile and if the leadersdon't approve of your behavior, you'resent to an island. The ideas of Lenin, andcommunism in general,are in the book becauseit illustrates a dystopiansociety. Communistnations have similarcharacteristics asdystopian societies. Suchas not letting citizenshave individual thoughts.Also, one firgurehead isworshipped by all of society.In a communist society, mostcitizens believe that it is a perfect world, as do people in Brave New World. In adystopian society, someoneusually questions authority, just how Lenin did, and how John did in the book. Leninbelieved that the Russian society was at it's worst, andJohn believed what that the World State was doing waswrong. Vladimir thought ofhow he could change the Russian nation and make it better. While John nor Bernarddid that, the saw a flaw in thesociety and decided to be themselves, like Lenin did.
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