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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comparing Buddhism and Hinduism Buddha is the god for Buddhism Brahma is the god for Hinduism . . Similarities -Their sacred rules are called dharma-Their worship building is a temple-They both believe in recarnation-They both believe in karma Basic Beliefs-The middle path-Meditation-The great enlightenment-Recarnation-Karma-Polyama-Dana-O-bon-Vesak-Their sacred book is called the sutras-Their leaders are the Buddha and Dhali Lama-Their sacred rules are called dharma-Their worship building is called a templeKey Figures -Buddha-Siddhartha-Dharma Basic Beliefs -Recarnation-They believe in many different gods-They believed in elements like water, fire, ect.-Karma-Their sacred book is called the vedas-Their leaders are priests-Their sacred rules are called dharma-Their worship building is called templesKey Figures-Ganesh-Rama-Mohandas Gandhi-Lakshmi -Hinduism must have originated between 4000 B.C.and 100000 B.C. in India -Hinduism was not found as a religion it was just a way of life-94% live in India, 2% live in Nepal, 1% in Bangladesh-it is the world's 3rd religion, it claims about 950 million followers -Most Buddhists live in India, Tibet, Japan, and Sri Lanka-There are about 488 million Buddhists worldwide, representing 7%of the worlds total population as of 2010 The Buddhas Eight Fold Path-Right understanding -Right thought-Right speech-Right action-Right livelihood-Right effort-Right mindfulness-Right concentration The 4 Noble Truths-Suffering is a part of life-Suffering comes from desire-There is an end to suffering-The eight fold path
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