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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Functions:Helps Make AntibodiesNormal Nerve Functions ProperlyMakes HemoglobinBreaks Down ProteinsKeeps Blood Sugar In Normal Range Vitamin B6 Sources:Animal:-Poultry-MeatPlant:-Avocado-Banana-Legumes-Nuts-Whole Grains-Vegtables Water-Soluble VitaminMacronutrients Dietary Reference:INFANTS:0-6 Months- 0.1 mg/day7-12 Months- 0.3 mg/dayCHILDREN:1-3 Years- 0.5 mg/day4-8 Years- 0.6 mg/day9-13 Years- 1.0 mg/dayADOLESCENTS:Males 14-50 Years: 1.3 mg/dayFemales 14-18 Years: 1.2 mg/dayFemales 18-50 Years: 1.3 mg/dayADULTS:Males 51+ Years- 1.7 mg/dayFemales 51+ Years- 1.5 mg/dayPREGNANT/BREASTFEEDING:Pregnant Women/Teens: 1.9 mg/dayBreastfeeding Women/Teens:2.0 mg/day Large Amounts Of B6 Can Cause:-Difficulty Coordinating Movements-Numbness-Sensory ChangesDeficiency Can Cause:-Confusion-Depression-Irritability-Mouth and Tongue SoresDeficiency of B6 is not common in the U.S. Vitamin B6 can aslo be know asPyridoxal, Pyridoxine, Pyridoxamine There are no known government policies. Side Effects: There are no side-effects when taking the proper amount of the vitamin. There is no public controversy for Vitamin B6. Your body needs Vitamin B6 to be able to absorb Vitamin B12 to make your red blood cells HISTORY:In 1938, Samuel Lepkovsky isolated and crystalized the Vitamin B6.The next year, Leslie Harris and Karl Folkers, and Richard Kuhn and his associates independently showed that vitamin B6 was a pyridine derivative, 3-hydroxy-4, 5-dihydroxy-methyl-2-methyl-pyridine. There is no legal issues or health issues. STATISTICS:Septic patients who received a combination treatment of linezolid and vitamin B6 might show positive effects for linezolid-associated reductions in some hematologic parameters. This combined treatment might also slow PLT reduction, which was more evident in patients with severe sepsis.
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