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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ACTIVE VISUALLY LEARNER Anna Ciurej References:http://www.engr.ncsu.edu 3 Lesson Guide After taking the 3 learning style quizzes, there was one common thread amongst them all; I am a highly visual with a strong preference for active learning. Global I like to know what the expected end result is so I understand the plan on how to get there. Global learners like to see the big picture, then they are able to master the details. Visual When I try to remember something I recall what something looked like. Pictures, charts, and diagrams help a visual learner remember the content of the lesson. Active "Let's see how it works!" That is the best way for me to learn. Active learners understand information better when they are able to experience it. Strategies for success: Draw pictures and charts to understand what I am learning. Utilizing color will help me recall it in a visual way in my head.Take frequent breaks while studying. Breaks will help not get in a rut and start day dreaming about everything else except what I am supposed to be thinking about.Skim over the reading prior to delving into it. This will help me better understand what I am supposed to be learning. What I learned about myself: My dominant learning styles are not best suited for online education. Knowing this, I will have to adjust my approach and ensure that I am utilizing the strategies that I learned this week.
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