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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I would love to go to UCLA because i heard that the university has recognition in doctorly. I would wanna be a surgeon because i would want to learn about our body and of how things function. One of my friends i would want to see and know in the future is Brenda. I would want to live with that same person in the future. I would want to have a perfect family of 4. Iv'e would want a happy family and perfect. The salary i will win is $348,932 but of bonus is $348,932 plus the salary. I want to be a surgeon and i will work hard and ask for loans to get my career. I will want to win thatbecause it is all based on if is a serious problem or not i have to win that amountof money for saving people's life. I wanna stay healthy and go to the the gym at least 2 times a week and eat to fruits a day.Run every morning The religion i want to be is Catholic because i never want to change in my religious.But i will love to stay and i am going to stay catholic. My Lifestyle in the future Also i will love to live in a house that is really big. I want to live in a house that has 3 bedrooms. Also i would want to have a big backyard and a garden.A car of the year Family & Friends I want to get married when i grow up but with someone that is going to treat me good.Im planning to get married at 27 years oldI would want to have 2 kids. Love & Romance Healthy/Fitness Religion Salary Career and Education Lifestyle
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