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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 From the Ostrava-Svinovtrain station you have more opportunities how to reach the University. How to reach VŠB-TUO from the train station "Ostrava - Svinov" If you are accommodated in a hotel of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, we offer you parking spots behind Hotel. GPS of this parking is: 49°50'12.116"N, 18°9'34.856"E Visitor Package double click to change this header text! how to reach VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava ... FromPrague Airport to Prague Main train station: Airport express []: a shuttle bus line AE operates daily during 6:30am to 10pm to the airport & 5:30am to 9pm from the airport Journey takes 33minutes and costs 60 CZK. Be prepared with exact amount of cash. to Ostrava by train: From Prague you can choose between three companies: Czech railways: jizdenky.studentagency.czLeoExpress: www.le.czTicket costs about 200 -400 CZK depends on time and class. a. Exit train station, follow sidewalk and turn to right where you spot a red glass building which is called Svinov mosty, h.z. Follow sign TRAM-Poruba and take tram no7, 8, 17.b. Ticket costs 14CZK, cash in coins is required.c. When you get off a tram at the stop Rektorát VŠB just take a look on the right side where you will see green building of our university. By tram: a. More comfortable in case you want to go firstly to the dormitories/hotel to accommodate yourself.b. Exit train station and opposite of the main building is a bus station. Take bus no37 in direction Studentské kolejec. Ticket costs 20CZK, cash in coins is required. By taxi: By bus: a. The most comfortable way. Taxi rank is just in front of the train station and costs about 200 - 300 CZK. VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava17. listopadu 15/2172708 33 Ostrava PorubaCzech Republic Address of dormitories: Studentská 1770/1, 700 32 Ostrava Poruba Ostrava Svinov Train Station Svinov Mosty, h.z. Rectorate By car: GPS location of VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava: 49°50'1.195"N, 18°9'50.517"E Related to your arrival by car we offer you VIP parking spots which are located in a private area of the campus. GPS of parking is: 49°50'3.473"N, 18°9'50.115"E Driving direction is to Opava from a crossroad with traffic lights. The most important and helpful is an online map where you can find all mentioned here, plus another places, directions and photos to help you feel much more confident after your arrival.Visitor package: e-mail:
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