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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roughly 170 countries requirevisas in order to cross theirborders Working Globally in 2014 Visas Around the World 2. Luxembourg 1. Ecuador 3. Mexico 4. Switzerland 5. United States Top 10 Expat Destinations Some visas can be exemptbecause of certain agreements Visa Exemptions European Union United States Gulf Cooperation Council West African States East African Community Commonwealth Southeast Asian Nations Nepal & India All citizens of European Unionmember countries can travel to and stay in all other EU countries without a visa Any Gulf Cooperation Council citizen can enter and stay as long as required in any other GCC member state The United States Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the USA without a visa (although a pre-trip entry permission is needed) All citizens of members of the Economic Community of West African States may enter and stay without a visa in any member state for a maximum period of 90 days Nationals of the East African Community member states do not need visas for entry into any of the member states Commonwealth of Independent States member states mutually allow their citizens to enter visa-free, at least for short stays Citizens of member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations do not require tourist visas to visit another member state where its citizens are required to have a visa to enter seven of the ten ASEAN member states Nepal and India allow their citizens to enter, live and work in each other's countries due to the Indo-Nepal friendship treaty of 1951 Length of Application Processes Cost of Application Processes CanadaNew ZealandUnited StatesAutraliaUnited Kingdom $ 150$$ 266$$$ 420$$$$ 900$$$$$ 2,618 On average, processes can take from 7 to 8 months Professional agencies can help expedite processes by 2 months 6. Singapore 7. Spain 8. Philippines 9. Australia 10. Hong Kong Sources: Applicants can be refused a visa if they can not enter the host country because of immigration laws or if they are deemed inadmissable Visa Types Each country has a number of visa categories. Here are the most common types of visas. Transit Official Short-term Long-term Immigrant Issued to those who are passing through a country to reach a destination that is not that country Apply to visitors who are staying in a country for a short period of time. Includes tourists, refugees, touring artists and athletes, business trips, and pri