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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rhino Virus WANTED Rhino virus originated from HRV-A, HRV-B, HRV-C and HRV-D. Origination Major Outbreaks: The Rhino Virus broke out inlong-term care facilities,Ontario and Canada. Symptoms SneezingMild feverHeadaches Sore throat etc. Signs Watery runny nose with a clear discharge. Discharge becomes thicker and is often brownish, grey or greenish. Structure Rhino virus is an RNA virus. It has a virus encoded protein and a non-structural protein. It has an optically coated siliconsurface. Who it can infect The Rhino virus can infect infants through adults. How it can make its host sick This virus can be transmittedthrough person to person contact, sharing of belongings and touchingof nose and mouth. Treatement Rest, Drink a lot of fluids, If you have serious symptoms use anti-inflammatory medicationand nasal decongestants REWARD $100,000 Sources,_molecular_model-SPL.jpg period 5 Tamilla Askerova
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