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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Viruses: What they do, and How to Prevent Them. double click to change this header text! SOURCES: What is a Trojan Horse?A trojan horse is another malicious software, thisis downloaded into a legit software, like a screensaver, and it inserts code to allow access to theinfected computer.It is spread through other viruses,worms, etc. What is a worm?Worms are computer codes put into your computerthrough emails, what it does is it finds all of youremail contacts and sends them a spoof email,therefor spreading the worm to other people. What is spyware?Spyware installs without your knowledge,it changes your computer's configuration,and it collects your personal information,like passwords, and credit card information.It can also redirect you to anotherwebsite than you intend to go to. What is Adware?Adware is software that gets advertised,usually in a popup on your computer screenas exampled on the right. It usuallycontains viruses, and it will make you wantto click on it. What is a virus?A virus is a malicious software program that can often delete things, including the whole hard disk. It can also interfere with the operation of the computer; and it is spread usually when you get an email with an attachment of a funny photo, etc. How to prevent viruses:Install an anti-virus protection, but notthe free kind, those never work.Remember to update the programslike the anti-virus one. Perform daily scans.Get a firewall protection. How to prevent Trojan Horses:Never download software from publishers youaren't sure of. Make sure they are trusted.Never open e-mails from people you do notknow. There could be a link or picture leadingto a trojan. How to prevent a worm:Use emails that have a spam filter, thishelps with pictures and other email attachments. Also, get an anti-virus protection. How to prevent spyware:The best thing to do is to get an anti-spyware protection softwarefor your computer. Another thingis to use a firewall, again, not a cheapone or free one. How to prevent Adware:Make sure your internet settings areset to where software from websitesdo not run automatically. Also, trystaying away from sites that have a lotof advertisements.
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