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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The pitch of the instrument is changed by changing the thickness/mass of the string, the tension of the string, or the length of the string (fingering). The thickness of each string goes from the G string, which is the thickest and lowest string, to the E string, which is the skinniest and highest string; the thicker and longer the string, the lower the note. Violins : FAMOUS MUSICIANS: HOW IT'S MADE: Changing Pitch Get Loud! Pitch Range Pitch Range The viol was a 6-stringed played on the knees. More immediate ancestors are the medieval fiddle and from the Renaissance, the instrument lira da braccio. The lira da braccio is different from the violin becaue it has strings closer together in pitch and it's bridge was located lower, resulting in less transmissionof the vibrations and sound waves. Niccolo Paganini (considered to be the best violinist), was a brilliant improviser and was so skilled he was thought to be "in the league with the devil". Antonio Vivaldi, am Italian Baroque composer, also wrote many well-known violin concertos. The body of the violin is made of a soft wood called spruce and the strings are metal. The bow is made of 200 white horse hairs attached toa flexible piece of brazilwood that facilitates bowing motions. Basic Methods The violin is played by placing the instrument on the shoulder and either played by plucking the strings with the fingers or the strings are vibrated by drawing the bow over the strings. The Violin Mute The Violin Mute The violin is most often associated with Baroque, country, and classical music. PRECURSORS: The frequencies the violin can produce range from 196 Hz to about 2 kHz when the strings are tuned correctly. Strings and Sounds! FYI FYI How to Play How to Play Diagram here The soundbox (inside the violin) amplifies the vibrations of the strings; the violin would be very quiet if it wasn't hollow. The f-shaped holes on the top enhance the projection, and the soundpost under the bridge transmits vibrations to the back. Pitch and vibration is also affected by the articulation,or method the violin is played. It determines how long the soundwill last. Here are some examples: Spiccato- where the violinist bounces the bow on the string Tremolo- where the violinist pulls the tip of the bow on the string as fast as possible Since the violin has the highest frequency range in the string orchestra, it is necessary to lessen the "brightness" of its tone in quiet music. This three-prongeddevice clamps onto the bridge to limit the vibration of the strings, thus reducing the volume. Member of the String Family Member of the String Family DID YOU KNOW? The violin was invented in the 16th century.
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