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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nonviolent Video Games 25% Kids and adults that play nonviolent video games 75% Nonviolent Video Games Lead To: That contain: Fun, adventurous, no blood, rated for everyone, creative, imaginative, helping people learn, environmental. incoraging. Violent Video Games Lead To: Fighting, abuse, sexual harrasment, shoplifting, carrying wepons, rape, drugs, stealing, bad behavior,and anger Kids and adults that prefurenonviolent video games more Kids and adults that prefureviolent video games more Violent Video Games Violent Video Games Are Becoming Reality! That contain: Fighting, zombies, abuse, sexual harrasment, blood, real dangorus wepons, and agression Kids and adults that play violent video games 60%50%40%30%20%10%0% 1 Hour a Day 2 Hours a Day 3 Hours a Day 4 Hours a Day Increase of Aggression in Hours Thinking about the future,creating goals,thinking about the enviorment,start being creatinve andimaginative, and being nice By: Elizabeth Smith To find more information and a way to help your child avoid violent video games, please go to People that play violent video games People that play nonviolent video games These 3 logos represent websites and channels that are against violent video games.Please visit there websites and help support theircause by passing their message against violent video games along.
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