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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Records Sunlight and How does it work? Shape Melting? The reason why avinyl record warps is because vinylrecords weremade of weak plastic which would changeshape under the heat of thesun. Structure Sunlight The energy generatedfrom the sun createsa force... It is not exactlya force that is appliedto the record.... It is again not melting, if you readthe definition of warp..... You could say thatthe record is somewhatmelted from the heat, except it doesn't become a solid to a liquid,thus it is technically warped or deformed. Warp? Warp-The definition of warp is the deformation of an object-it is normallytwisted or turned. typically happens in heat or dampness Pretend the structure of avinyl record is a straight line.It can change shapeif some sort of forcewas working on it The energy from the sun-light and heat. causes the record to warp, thus changing it's form. Asyou leave it out in the sun the heat from it transfersthe energy into some sort of force, therefore makingthe record to become deformed. Vinyl records under the sun? If you are a DJ it would be good to keep your vinyl records away from the sun.Why? Because vinyl record warp under the sun. Force? As the sunlight from the sun creates heat it adds energy ontothe vinyl record. Vinyl The energy is able to become some sort of forcethus changing the record's shape. It is more like thesun melting the record'sstructure... It tells you it is a deformation of an objecttherefore the disc looksdeformed.
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