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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 If the whole world were a village of 100 people 61% 12% 1% 13% 8% Nationalities Languages spoken Chinese 22% English 9% Spanish 7% Hindu 8% Bangali 4% Arabic 4% Russian 3% Portuges 3% 39% under the age of 20 42% between ages 20-49 (Middle age) 18% ove the age of 50 1% over 80 years old Relegions In the village of 100 32% are Christian 19% are Muslims 13% are Hindu's 12% are "Folk" relegion 6% follow Buddahisim 1% are jewish 15% follow no religion Education In a village of 100 there are 38% school aged children But only 31% go to school Money In a village of 100Only the richest 20 have extramoney after buying their food and shelter to spend on other things The poorest 20 earn nothing Food 16% go hungry some of the time 34% are always hungry 26% are severely under-nourished Water In the village of 100 only 75% have clean water either in their homes or nearby The other 25%don't have clean water nearbyor in their homes. So some have to spenda large part of their day going to get safe clean water. Usually it's girls and woman who do this job! Air In the village of 100 68% breath clean air 5% In the village of 10061% are from Asia12% are from Europe1% are from Oceania 5% are from north Americaand 8% are from south and central America. 32% breath dirty air because of pollution Electrcity If the world were a village of 10076% would have electricity but woulduse it for nights mostly. But some other families might have other luxuries.There are 42 radios in our villageAnd 24 televisions not necessarily in 24 homesThere are only 10 computers in the whole village