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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 against communism Debate - involvement SAVE WHY DID WE INVOLVE VIETNAM WAR?! WHAT ARE SOME REASONS FOR IT?! Anti-communism Quagmire Theory Domino Theory Advisers and institutions Help France Economic Interest Vietnam would sink the U.S even deeper into the war Viet Minh a political event in one country will causesimilar events in other countries. "..just months after the Korean War had endedneither the United Statesnor its allies were preparedto fight another ground warin Asia." (HA!) ".." (HA!) colonial U.S. involvement in the war insured weapons purchases and employment "Hawks v. Doves" "Allies must be able to rely on the United States,the leader of the free world,to stand by them in times of crisis. "(HA!) Furthermore, the doves pointed out that direct U.S. involvement in Vietnam might draw China or even the Soviet Union into the conflict. Both countries were supplying North Vietnam with military aid, and China was building an air basejust inside its border with North Vietnam. power Truman was determined to block any further communist advance in Asia. For this reason, he called for an increase in military aid to French Indochina. This aid rose from $10 million in 1950 to more than $100 million in 1951. The Viet Minh called their country the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The northern city of Hanoi was their capital, and Ho Chi Minh was their president. France, however, refused to accept Vietnamese independence and set out to eliminate the Viet Minh. The doves contended that escalating the war would not guarantee victory, arguing that the war was unattainable. They pointed to the case of Korea, where U.S. troops had fought a costly war for three years but achieved little. China might counter the entry of U.S. ground troops with combat forces of its own. Increased U.S. involvement, they claimed, would not reassure its allies but instead make them more anxious that a major war could erupt in the region. Eisenhower provided some 350 U.S.military advisersnoncombat specialists who train and equip another nations soldiers. Chester Ovnand and Dale Buis, the first U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam, were military advisers.
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