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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The VietnamMemorial Fundraised 9 milliondollars toward the memorial A contest washeld to pickthe design for the memoiral: the winner gets$50,000 There is noadmission to get into the memorial Work at the site was begun on March 16, 1982 Groundbreaking took place on March 26, 1982 Made up of black granite The Gilbane Building Company acted as the general contractorArchitectural firm Cooper-Lecky Partnership supervised the construction 70 Oldest veteran on the memorial: Frank Huddleston, who was 68 Approved by Congress in 1980 No federal funds were needed There are 70 individual inscribed black granite panelsthat make up the memorial X Dan Bullock is the youngest veteran on the wall at the age of 15 The memorial isin a V shape On March 11, 1982, the design and plans received final Federal approval Vietnam Memorial The Three Servicemen statuewas added a few years afterthe original monument was built This statue was added nextto the monument because people thought the original monument looked too muchlike a tomb stone The statue was sculpted Frederic Hart Cast in bronze It is a seven foot tall statue that has three soldiers holding guns and was dedicated in 1984 After about ten yearsthe Vietnam Womens Memorial Statuewas added This memorial was added to representall the female nurseswho helped the soldiersin the battlefield This statue, depicting three nurses and one wounded soldier, is made up of one ton of bronze and is fifteen feet tall. And it was dedicated in 1993 The In Memory Plaque was added near the original monument almost18 years after the original was built This plaque was added for all the veterans who diedprematurely after service The plaque is 24-inches tall and 36-inches wide It was also dedicatedNovember 10, 2004, http://mallhistory.org, http://washington.org, http://www.vietnamwomensmemorial.org, http://www.history.com, http://www.touchthewall.org, Canada has56 veteranson the memorialwho foughtfor U.S
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