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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How was South Vietnam impacted by the war? Thousands of Families weresplit up due to separationand death Desparation Many South Vietnam Civiliansdesperately tried to escape after the Fall of Saigon. Thousands of people attempted to climb walls into military bases forsafety only to be shot down and contained Only a small proportion of people managed to escape via helicopter through Cambodia with the help from the Americans ! Casualties "I had prayed to God that this thing was fiction" William Wilson-1990 1,000,000+ Over a million South VietnameseCivilians died. Out of the total casualtiesresulting from the war, abouthalf was South VietnameseCivilians by Dongin Many Civilian refugees were forced to leave their home Communism On March 16, 1968 around 500 South Vietnamese Civilians were massacred by the Charlie Company from the United States Army. This massacre was known as the My Lai Massacre. South Vietnam was "born" in1954 when the Vietnamese defeated the French who hadcontrol of their country at that Time. Civilian casualties were not specific to an age group; children, teens, adults, and elders were all killed. Vietnam was decided to besplit at the 17th parallelwith Diem ruling the South. Diem was a harsh, ruthless dictator but had the full supportfrom the Americans. This was due to his hatred for communism. At the beginning of the war, South Vietnam had a republican government while the North had communism. Diem died in 1963 to be replaced by Duong Van Minh After losing the war, South Vietnam and North Vietnam was reunited underthe communist party of North Vietnam. The war was lost in 1975 whenSouth Vietnam's capital, Saigon fell and was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnam war traumatized andimpacted every individual emotionally through personal sufferings and tragicevents. This war was not only a loss in government and power, but also a tragic event never to be forgottenby the South Vietnamese. The new Vietnam was renamed as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,Its new capital being Hanoi. The result of the war left the countryin an economic shamble. At this point, Vietnam, which now includes both South and North Vietnam, now has one of the world's poorest economies.
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