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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Now, a person can never enlist in the Army if they are found to have any of the disqualify-ing conditions, including:- Drug dependence- An open law violation/fine- Intoxicated/under influence at time of application- Alcoholism- Court conviction for sale, distribution, trafficking of any controlled substance. ("Disqualifiers") Drug Use After struggling with drug abusein Vietnam, the Army has sincemade its policies more strict. "Men used heroin to pass thetime, to deal with the danger,boredom, and purposeless-ness of their lives." (Brush) Guerrilla Warfare/Tactics In Vietnam, midway through the war,nearly every soldier had been offered heroin at least once, typically within the first month of duty. (Robins) 43% ofsoldierstried anarcoticduring the war(Robins) The Army has taken its experience with fighting the Vietcong,and has used it in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East. Organization: One difficulty of managing large numbers of soldiers is keeping everythingrunning smoothly. This was what led the Armyto adopt the use of Standard OperatingProcedures (SOPs). (Nielsen) "...The American troops began torespect...the Vietcong becausethey saw how dedicated theywere as fighters..." ("ThePsychological Effects") In guerrilla warfare thereare no rules or regulations.Today, by winning thehearts and minds of thenative populations, aswell as employing various military tactics, it is possible to defeat guerrillaforces on the modern battlefield.(Riker-Coleman) In addition to adapting to the enemy's differingcombat styles, it is pertinent that the militaryinvents and adopts newer technologies in orderfor it to obtain and maintain an edge. (Nielsen) Public Relations/Media The overwhelmingly negative reporting during theVietnam War had a huge impact on the outcome ofthe war. Due to its effect on the public's supportof the war effort, it shows that an army can't wina war if its people don't support it. "A true picture of what hadactually happened did notexist." - William L. Stearman In What Ways Did the U.S. Military Learn from Its Experiences in Vietnam? "...And reform onlybears fruit after along period of time."(Nielsen) "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost middleAmerica." - Lyndon B. Johnson (Stearman) Although the NVA had not defeated the Army inVietnam, it had, more or less, won the war inthe U.S--where it counted. This is due mostlyto the media. (Stearman) The Big Question: "...Do the American people perceivethat we are in it to win? Do they perceive that we'rebeing successful?" - Robert Kagan
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