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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Food (Vietnamese Diet) Nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, is often used as a dip or seasoning. Rice; a salty dish, like pork cooked in fish broth called thit kho; a vegetable dish, such as a boiled food called Raw Luoc; and soup are eaten as the main meal. The most popular main meal is Can Ca, a fish and vegetable soup Watermelon, papaya, bananas, and citrus fruits are all locally grown and abundant in Vietnam All three meals are accompanied with plain white rice. Vietnamese Culture (Trung Thanh) Ao Dai Clothing An Ao Dai's body hugging top falls over loose trousers that brush the floor. The pants should reach the bottom of the feet.Slits in the gown reach above the waist allowing for easy movement. The earliest versions of Ao Dai appear in 1744 when Lord Vu Vuong of the Nguyen Dynasty declared all adults must wear a button downed gown and trousers. Today men only wear it on special occasion and for ceremonies while women wear Ao Dai's on a daily basis. The Ao Dai's coloring depends on its owners age and status. Young girls wear white, older but unmarried girls don soft pastels, only married women wear bold colors (generally over black or white pants) Synthetic or silk fabrics are preferred for making Ao Dai's as they don't crush and dry quickly. This makes the style of dress much more practical. Buddhism, the most well known Vietnamese religion has four major teachings.-Existence is a succession of suffering-Suffering is caused by desire-Extinguishing of suffering can be caused by elimination of desire-Elimination of desire can be achieved through the noble eightfold path Confucianism centers around the principle that the goal of life is the correct performance of three relationships King and Subject, Teacher and Pupil, as well as Father and Child. Hao Hai has four major rules-Honor parents-Love Country-Respect Buddhism and its teachings-Love fellow men Taoism follows the Dao, or way of life by which a man attains harmony with nature as well as with the mystical currents of the spiritual world. Animism is a belief in spirits that continue to exist after their possessors death. Because of its independent existence spirits must be properly cared for or they will become angry and seek to reenter earthly life, which would create havoc. Religion (The Religions of Vietnam) Family Structure (Every Culture) Marriage is arranged by intermediaries and viewed as a social contract between two people and their families. It must be approved by the bride and groom's parents, who may or may not allow their children to choose their own spouse. Civility is greatly valued, reserve and modesty honored, and loudness and brashness considered immature. Vietnamese families are patriarchal and generally live in nuclear family groups. Individual interests are less important then family interests. Vietnamese are likely to marry young and have four or five children, although some continue to have as many as possible.
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