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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Are video games really the cause of real life violence? Video games & Violence Videogames are not the cause of violence! Video games should not be blamed for the violent shootings that have happened recently. Video games have been increasing in popularity very fast over the last decade. A huge population plays them and we'renot hearing about hundreds of shootings per day across the nation. Why aren't the millions of people who play video games in the world displaying acts of violence? "Americans need to stop blaming something other than our own behaviors and ideologies for societal violence, especially gun violence." I found this quote in an article by Kristen Bezio on The Christian Science Monitor.We see it all the time. Something bad happens and we look for something that is relatively new to blame it on. This is known as "Cultural Lag". Humans are scared to accept new technologies, new styles, and changing social norms. Back whenRock n' Roll was on the rise people blamed it for violence and corruption. Backwhen the television was becoming popular people blamed that. It happens allthe time in our past. Video games are just another new target for people to putthe blame on. Human behavior and ideologies are unique to each person. No one human being is exactlythe same to another. Some people are more violent and aggressive than others. This couldbe based on how they were raised or on how they process things in their mind. Either waythe blame should not be put on video games. The fact that someone just happens to playvideo games doesn't mean they are a violent person. Across the millions of people who play video games such a miniscule amount commit acts of violence. People who blamevideo games don't understand how the industry really works. It is important for these people to get educated so they aren't ignorant on the matter. "Cultural Lag" is a term that many politicians and experts are starting to recognize. It brings up an excellent pointthat not too many people think about. IGN is one of the biggest gaming industries and is a reliable source for the latest news and topics. "If ignorance is the real culprit here and many in the games industry firmly believe this is the case then we invest our resources in education."
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