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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Do Video Games Cause Violence in Real Life? What else should i know and is there a way to prevent this Effects they can have What other effects? What can these effects cause? What kind of games? Take a step parents! Video games like COD, Gta, and any rated M games can causekids to form agression and frustration in real life! How could've these games have affected our society? The Science is proved, violent video games do lead to violence and agression in real life! Protect your kids and save their future,and don't let them play violent video games! Tips and Tricks to Instantly stop your kids from these type of games Frustration? Violent video games may cause big things like public fights and school shootings. Aaron Alexis a Washington shooter said Call of Duty has encouraged his crimes. For help call 1800- Stay- Away- From- Violent - Video- Games Now @ViolenceVG rebellion ViolenceVg According to Brad bushman, a professorat Ohio State University,says that violent video games can causeemotional arousal and angry feelings.They also make people "numb to the pain and suffering of others". Yes Frustration, according to Dr.Vance, a pychological researcherat the rapture insitute, says that these violent games has caused punches in the walls and incoherent threats to traffic Much of what leads from violence andagression in Americamay include Low IQ, poverty, and drug and alchohol addiction Parents! You should always check the rating beforepurhasing. Make sure you kid is the aprropritate age for the gameM- Mature- 18+ T- Teen- 13-14E- everyone Do i need to know whatcontent are on these games? Yes, the content in m-rated gamesincludes blood, foul language, nudity, and intense violence, and we all know kids an teensshould not be seeing this at their age.
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