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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Video Game Addiction There is no one "Most Addictive Game" but a few websites had Tetris as one of the most addictive games Among boys, gaming itself wasn't associated with unhealthy behaviors. In fact, boys who played videogames typically reported a higher grade average, were significantly less likely to smoke, and were more likely to say that they'd never used alcohol or marijuana, the study found. According to Desai, the fact that gaming in boys was linked to healthier behaviors may mean that for boys, it's normal to play video games. Girl gamers, however, were more likely than girls who didn't play video games to get into serious fights or carry a weapon to school. "This finding may suggest not that gaming leads to aggression but that more aggressive girls are attracted to gaming," Desai said. Both boy and girl gamers were likely to drink caffeinated beverages, including energy drinks, the study found. But girls drank more of them -- three or more per day, compared to boys' one to two servings a day Effects of video game addiction are social, physical, and relationshipHaving a video game addiction can give you social problems it can make you grumpy unpleasant A survey of 1,452 "self-confessed" gamers, aged 18-40, has revealed that on average button mashers will spend 1.8 years of their lives button mashing. Studies have shown 183 million Americans play video games. With 99% of boys under 18 and 94% of girls under 18 play in America.
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