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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Upper Class was consisted of 3 other classes, the Royal Class, the Middle Upper Class, and the Lower Upper class. The Royal class was made up of the Royal family and Spiritual Lords. The Middle Upper class was made up of Great officers of England. The Lower-Upper class was made up of Country Wealthy gentlemen, large scale businessmen with the wealth they possessed. The upper class has 3% of population. Their income came from land. Upper Class The Under Class were helpless people who depended on others. There were the Poor and the Prostitutes. The Poor people and the orphans relied on the charity of others. The prostitutes were women who were on the bottom of society and debate took place over them. The under class has 45% of population. Under Class The Working Class were a group of Labors. There were two different types of Working classes, the Skilled Class and the Unskilled Class. The Skilled class had unskilled labors working under their supervision. The unskilled class were the lowest category of labor people. The Working class has 40% of people. Working Class The Middle Class had many jobs to do. They made their living based off the jobs that they have done. There were two different types of Middle Class, Higher Level Middle Class and Lower Level Middle Class. The Higher Level had higher salaries and a social status. The Lower Level worked on the orders of the higher level middle class people. The middle class has 12% of population. Their income was between 50-1,000 euros. Victorian Social Classes Middle Class The Victorian Social Classes connect with Wuthering Heights in many ways. The upper class relates because they are high class, have good manners, they are wealthy, and Isabella and Edgar are stuck up. Nelly is middle class while Edgar and Heathcliff are in the upper class.
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