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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Victorian Age The queen rules alone with parliament consent Victorian era was an era for the idea of liberalism (equality and liberty) There were views that ¨if economy got richer so does the people¨ The Victorian Era was a time for the rise of the industrial life. Many citizens left farms and moved into cities. It was a rise of the steam engine and the development of trains and railroads. Politics was an importantfactor in the Victorian Era.Some political movementwere liberalism and socialism. Albert, Prince Consort, was husband of QueenVictoria, who believed in the industrial era. Some social issues they faced were the citizens starving and the low incoming of food supplies. Bread became scarce. Brunel was a civil engineer who built railway,worlds biggest ship and bridges. As the economy declined, many tenants begin to get evicted from their landlords from no work. Joseph Paxton knew that Albert expenditure was doomed without a building so Paxton build and designed the Crystal Palace. Joseph Paxton was like an archeticut who is famous for building the Crystal Palace. When some British traveled away form their mother land to colonize,some wanted or went to Canada, Austrailia, and other surrounding countries.But the one many travel to was India. India was a land where many wanted to dominateand a land of riches.As the British settled in, they began to discriminate against the Hindus and Muslims.Creating a revolt between the two nations.
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