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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reign: 1837 - 1901 However, Queen Victoria was undependable. As she went into seclusion after Prince Albert died, she could very well do it again. This made her people dislike her, which is bad for a leader. Picking favorites among her colleagues was also unfair. Thus,her weaknesses outweighed her strengths. CONS 1. 2. PROS Queen Victoria was decisive, courageous, humble, and could plan strategically. Underher reign, England and the Industrial Revolution prospered. Queen Victoria ruled during a time whenthere was a great dichotomy between thesocial classes of England. The rich livedin leisure, while the poor worked infactories and were looked down upon byothers. Only a very small percentage ofthe people could vote. During her reign,Victoria passed several reforms to changeEngland for the better. Queen Victoria was not a saint by any means. She lacked vision and could be weak and selfish. After her husbandAlbert died, she went into seclusion.The once beloved queen became hated,and people called for Parliament to takecharge. She also lacked integrity attimes, as she preferred some of hercolleagues over others, which wouldhave lead her to make unfair decisions. Queen Victoria Queen Victoria passed severalreforms that would give more rights to the people of the lower classes. The Industrial Revolution led to more jobs in factories She also helped bridgethe gap between the upper and lower classes of England. In addition, England spread its power all over the world; by 1901, England covered 1/5 of the world's surface. Thus, England was the world's most powerful nation for some time, thanks to a strong navy and an emphasis on peace. 3rd Results
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