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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Functions and basic properties - Deepin 2014 RC is available for both 32-bit and 64 -bit- Intel Pentium IV 2GHz processor or better- 1GB memory (RAM), or 2GB memory (RAM) - 10 GB disk space/storage Size of OS : V.0.3 Size 202MB V.0.55 Size 219MB V.1.0 Size 652MB V.2.0 Size 400MB V.9.12 Size 628MB V. 10.06 Size 669MB V.11.06 Size 679MB V.11.12 Size 684MB V.12.06 Size 692MB V.2013 Size 1,237MB V.2014.1 Size 1,495MB deepin s What is specification for deepin need ? double click to change this title text! 976-330 Operating Systems Concept and Technology Tinnakorn Buanuan Tinnakorn Buanuan -France -Czech Republic-English -Spain-Turkey -Portugal-Russian Federation Processor Architecture i386 , x86_64 Installation Graphical OS Type: LinuxBased on: Ubuntu,DebianGenesis: China Desktop: Deepin DECategory: Desktop Linux Deepin is an outstanding platform for the following:-New users-Younger users-Business desktops (that do not require proprietary, Windows-only software)-Home use-Anyone wanting to migrate from Windows Deepin focuses much of its attention on intuitive design.Its home-grown applications,like Deepin Software Centre,Music and DPlayer are tailored to the average user.Being easy to install and use - Deepin is developed in China by a team of more than 30 developers and designers- First version 0.3 22/07/2004-Team Member Liu Wenhuan Wang Yong Wang Mingdong Aenon Sun Stephen Hiweed History History Multilingu al Category Desktop Advantages Limitations - Speed of the update mirrors. Typically, a full-blown update takes 15 minutes to a half hour.For Linux Deepin,the update ran overnight. - its great to include LibreOffice but having two office suites installed because thats a tough choice Woraporn pormjan Woraporn pormjan Operating System Concept - Multiprogramming CPU-Scheduling -Robin Scheduling-Priority Scheduling File system management - The function is not provides such as a server- Deepin have function for connect network WiredDSLMobile Network VPN NetworkProxy - User can access to the operating system directly into the system because when create user default user is administrator A security guard or protection does. - Login to system by username and password- Define permission for access file or directory Asian language support 1.zh_CN , 2.zh_TW Text mode Btrfs , ext3 , ext4 , JFS , ReiserFS XFS , B-Tree System (Btrfs) Tinnakorn BuanaunWoraporm prormjan
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