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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Venus Flytrap Kingdom:PlanateOrder: Caryophyllales Family: DroseraceaeGenus:DionaeSpecies: D. Mascipula Habitat: This coniferous plant live in wet sandy and peaty soil Range: The Venus flytrap only lives inNorth and South Carolina, including to a few other states including Florida an New Jersey Adaptations: One adaptation the Venus flytrap has is that there leaves form a mouth that captures pray, they only grow in wet boggy soil that is poor in growing non-coniferous plants. They get most of there nutrition from the bugs that they eat as food to help them survive. They also use the bright color in there mouth to attract there pray, they also use fragrance glands they produce sweet smelling liquid to do the same. After they trap there pray there Venus flytrap closes it mouth slowly, once it closes all the way it forms a stomach that produces an acid type substance that dissolves the captured pray until it is no more and it's assents is absorbed into its body the Venus flytrap opens back up and waits for its next victim. Since the Venus flytrap as no eyes it has developed a strand like a hair inside the trap, if a bug stimulates the hair it doesn't do anything the first time but if it continues to stimulate the hair it snaps shut. Environmental pressure: Today there is not many hot sandy environments, the cold also plays a big part in this pressure, us humans are getting rid of the only land the Venus flytrap lives in. Venus flytraps only live in wet boggy sandy soil that is coming closer and closer to not existing. The more we expand the less land the Venus flytrap has to live on.
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