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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Venice About Venice: Venice is in the country of Italy which is in the continent of Europe. The city is famous for it's canals and gondolas aswell as Venetian glass. As Venetian glass created a revolution of glass products such as glasses, glasses to drink from, microscopes and telescopes. Population: 260,060 The Venice was at the heart of the Renaissance era and held some of the greatest inventions of all time. This revolutionary time in history involved all the glass makers in Venice originally being rounded up and told if they leave they will die and have to keep making glass products. These people made a fortune in money with these revolutionary. The currency in Venice is the euro. The currency is a rather successful currency despite Greece's GDP going down the toilet. The main trade is glass products, green laser pointers and glow in the dark sling shot things. The laser pointers being £15 and the glow in the dark slingshot thing being £10, these were sold by hawkers. They sell lots of museum products due to the abundance of museums in the city. They also sold Venice memorabilia at stores that covered the city. Selfie sticks were also sold by hawkers. You can also ride a gondola down the canals, which is a very popular attraction for tourists. The population of Venice has dropped by 11000 people since 2001. This is due to the city sinking. If you go to certain parts of Venice there are wooden planks into church museums so that you don't have to walk through water.
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