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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Venezuelan Revolution This is Napolean V.S This is Simón Bolívar Before the taxes went up Venezuela wanted to beindependent. So people like Francisco de Miranda tried to start a revolution but failed. So people like Simón Bolívar with Miranda in mind tried to start a revolution, but when the taxes went up he had a lot of followers.Some people were on the side of theSpanish and Venezuela had a little Civil War against the people that were with spain and the people who wanted to be independent. They put in a independence letter and before Napolean took over Venezuela got there independence. Napolean was a person who was taking over countries Spain was next for Napolean. The current ruler at the time was Ferdinand VII but slowly Napolean was taking over. Spain controlled Venezuela, and Spain was taking advantage of Venezuela. Spain was asking for continuous taxes.Finally Napolean took over. Events relating to the Revolution:The Second Republic (1813 - 1814) - Bolivar sought to create resistances in other Latin countries and applied Guerrilla tactics to wear down enemy forces. These tacticswere short-lived and soon enough, Royalists controlled Venezuela once again.Consolidation of Independence - Within 7 or so years, Bolivar's repeat attempts at crushinghis enemy had succeeded. Destroying royalists throughout New Granada made it so that hecould liberate that area for his own. Making it the first influential base of his now independentcountry. As of now, Venezuela is a prosperous country.It houses over 28 million peopleIs a Federal RepublicGained many profits from various oil patches found in the regionVenezuela is predominantly RepublicanThough it's popularity and progress, it is still struggling with poverty and corruption. Wasif AhmedSekou johnRandall (insert last name)
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