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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meet Veikko Hoikkala, the President of the Plywood Division, Metsäliitto. (Retired in 2009) DONATE How can the subordinates experience 1) vigor, 2) dedication and 3) absorption in their daily work? - Weekly: every Monday coffee, bakeries and information- Monthly: meeting with the "numbers" of the previous month- Visiting the factories regularly- Travelling approx 120 days /year and meeting with co-operators, reachable by phone- Writing to the paper of Finnforest- Delegating responsibility when abroad The Unofficial Communication. The MYSTERY sector: the women at the office Sirkku Hoikkala thanks you for your interest! Mr. Hoikkala contacted a consult company in order to get to the ladies and help them find a positive mood.But the consult company assigned a young lad who lacked the experience of life required to understand the depths of the issue.So it never happened. The official communication Direct Subordinates- Directors of two factories (one was director of two factories), - Three to four export sales managers (it varied),- Marketing production co-ordinator, - Director of domestic sales, - Manager of technical service. - Controller, - Personal secretary, - Marketing units, some of which were also wholesale companies, from the areas os Asia-Pasific (China and Japan), Italy, Austria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Holland. Also USA and a speciality of ship industrys gas tanker plywood sales were under his straight command.Approx. 20-30 indorect subordinates at the office,and hundreds in factories. "THE OFFICE DOOR WAS ALWAYS OPEN. CONCRETELY." The theoretical framework: WORK ENGAGEMENT THEORY. - Clear information- Room for everybody to say something- Listening - Communicating respect- Being fair- Listening to innovative ideas in every day communication- The own example - Keeping the office door concretely open- Moving around, meetingt freely with people in the office- Asking about families etc., being interested in people Can this be enhanced by leadership communication? Even after years Mr. Hoikkala is genuinely perplexed by the female workers who worked as Export Sales Secretaries aka Marketing Assistants at the office. There was continuous friction with the ladies, no matter how hard he tried to communicate respect, interst in them as valuable humans etc. "They had high education, they had all the possibilities to proceed in their carriers. Why were they not interested in anything? Why were they so negative?" The women never spoke in the meetings.They never had questions. The women seldom visited the office, seldom replied to kind words. FOR FUTURE STUDIES:How to communicate to a group of subordinates that has and holds on to a negative attitude never matter how hard you try to reach to them? Mr. Hoikkala's division was very succesfull and he was offered the position of CEO, which he declined. He still has good communication with many of his former subordinates and colleagues. He really enjoyed his work and built good relationships.
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