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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vegeola There are not as much bodies of water so they have created a reservoir that holds the rain water so that the plants,animals and other living creatures may survive The men of Vegeola settle near the few rivers and seas that they have. This began to expand and started to create cities. The houses of the people here were made out of logs and were mostly only one floorThe population of Vegeola is only around 1,000,000 people,but they all live to be 100 years of age because of their healthy diet. Vegeola is a very peaceful civilization because they are not allowed to kill animals more so, one another. Once you kill an animal or a human being you will be held liable and given the death penalty. The people of Vegeola either work as farmers,house maids,guards,police,government officials,animal tamers,cattle raisers,wool makerstailors and dressmakers and stone cutters to make farming tools but do not make weapons because of their rules The wealth of the people is measured by the amount of water and the size of their reservior. This is because they really value water so much. The art of the people in Vegeola is mostly inspired by the image of their god Wahet or pictures of the rain fall their art even consists of drawings of animals enjoying their daily lives The people of this civilization write on leaves from their local farmer with the sap from trees as ink. Whenever they have a secret that they want to keep to themselves they use their own special language that they had to create double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The government of this civilization has made a lot of irrigation systems to help the farmers harvest more crops The government of this civilization consists of the highest leader who helps to pray for more water and also oversees the systems and has the power to give people the death penalty. The people in this civilization are all vegetarians due to their religion they believe that animals were sent by their god to protect them from their enemies and to bless their water and once you kill an animal the rains will not come and the people have to wait for the next rain fall. They always ask for water from their god named Wahet, this god is the god that creates all of our rain and other forms of water. They are only able to ask for water from Wahet whenever it rains as a form of thanks and also to ask for more blessings such as more rain to pour.
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