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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Changing Church Vatican II was a council meetingformed at the start of the nineteen-sixties,when Pope John XXIII recognised that thechurch needed an update to help it keep upwith the rapidly modernising world. The ideasconceived during this time form the church that we knowtoday, but what exactly were the changes they made? The Church decided during thistime that people should bemore involved in the liturgies.This was achieved by allowingMass to be held in thelanguage of their countriesinstead of Latin. They changedhow Mass was run to make iteasier to participate. The council also looked at theroles of bishops within theCatholic Church. They were mademore important and became amore united section of theChurch. The Church began to focus itsteachings more on issues withinthe current time, such asrelationships between countries,cultures, marriages and families. One of the largest issues theCouncil discussed was theCatholic Church's attitudetowards other religions. Theybegan to express respecttowards religions such asJudaism, Hinduism, Buddhismand Islam. It also beganencouraging interactionbetween members of theCatholic church and otherChristians. The Council changed manytechnical aspects of the thingsit taught, such as thescriptures it focused on andwhich of the feast days andperiod were more important.They took many feast daysand celebratory periods out ofthe calendar and shortenedmany fasting periods. They alsolooked at the education of youngpeople in the Christian religion. The Council made manyaesthetic changes to the artand music they used, as wellas the habits of nuns. Theychanged the rules in the layoutof the church building, such asmoving the tabernaclefrom the centre aisle to the side.
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