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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Huda's and Varusha's Teapot project The design of Huda's and Varusha's Box / volume. What is the Teapot project ? The teapot project is when a teapot is sent school to schoolin a different country. One class in the school that gets the teapot is going to make lots of boxes ( the number of boxes matters on how much pairs of students in the class). When the class will be done they will vote for the box most wanted. The box most wanted will then have the teapot placed inside and will fly to its destination . The school that recessived the box will now do the cycle again. Huda !!! Varusha !!! The shape of Varusha's and Huda's box is a paralelegram. The volume of the the inside of Varusha's and Huda's box is 6000 cm cubed . The volume of the box's surface area is 2300 cm sqare. The Materials . - 4 sqares of wood and 2 paralelegram- 2 zip locks-paint -nails and a hammer-staple gun with staples-sponges-stuffing -8 popsicle sticks ( have some extra popsicle sticks just in case). Looking good. One of the designs on Varusha's and Huda's box is the moose one of the most famous animals known in Canada because the moose symbol is on the quarters. The Canadian goose is also a design on Varusha's and Huda's box because it is also a famous animal because of its name. About the Varusha's and Huda's box. Varusha's and Huda's box's name is called " The VH Canadian flyer . The teapot lays on its side in Varusha's and Huda's box.Varusha and Huda saw in class the unknown box was the teapot from Australia so Huda and Varusha became partners . Now Huda's and Varusha's box is hopefully going to Singapore. The beaver is the most famous animal in Canada because it mostly lives in Canada. The Singapore flag is also one of the designs because that is where the box will be flying to. On the lid of the box there is a Canadian flag because that's where the box is from.
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