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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PEOPLE LIVE IN JAMAICA 2.9 million Jamaica is 80% mountains 63%of Jamaicans are Prostetants. Women try to keep themselves and their children well dressed, especially at church.Young or business woman usually wear suits or skirts.Pants and jeans are common for social events. Banks and insurance companies provide a uniform.Kids wear uniforms to school.Men on the other hand, wear casual clothing almost all the time. Rural families eat dinner everyday with each other anytime after 4pm.Urban families eatonly on weekends witheach other becauseof work and school schedules. Meals are usually social hours and held outdoors Roadside carts usuallyhave pineapples, melons,and/or water coconuts.They are sold as thirstquenchers or quicksnacks becauseeating while walkingis considered inappropriate Manners at the tableare very important. Most Jamaicans haveflexible approaches to life's challenges evenif there is no solution at the time. Most Jamaicans also have individuality. Thisshows in their dressand even the way they speak. Jamaicansare all proud of theircontributions to theworld. These thingsmay be in sports, music or a strong sense ofpatriotism. Jamaica is only 51 milesa wide! At its widest point! But, is 146 miles long. The tropical island is made up of beaches,grassy plains, mountains, valleys, jungles,CAYS, and raised areas of limestone androck. Over half of Jamaica sits onelevations greater than 1,000 feetabove sea level. Prostetant Vocabulary Cays
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