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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ... are trained in customer service, online inventory tracking managing the cash register and public speaking. ... are expected show up and show up on time. Period. ...earn promotions by stepping up to lead, taking initiative and showing consistent performance. Consider recruiting More Than Words graduates "Panera Cares has been partnering with More Than Words for almost two years. Through our partnership we have been able to employ numerous youth who have had a positive impact on our business and with the community we serve." -General Manager, Panera Cares ...completed job training running a bookstore. They've mastered problem solving, organizational, communication, teamwork & technological skills. Employers 49% feel like young people struggle to take initiative and seek out new tasks. 45% feel like young people are more likely to be late MTW Graduates... Interested in learning more? Contact Amanda Britton at or (617) 674-5554 We can help build a pool of strong candidates to meet your entry level employment needs. 46% feel like young people struggle with customer service and sales 45% report that they are reluctant to hire young people who lack experience. Are you in search of reliable, motivated and professional entry-level employees?
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