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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should ChildhoodVaccinations Be requiredBy law Mandator yVaccinatio ns Optional Vaccinat ions Vaccinations should be Mandatory but should allow exemptionsfor medical need Vaccination s Policy makers should require child vaccinations, but should allow some exemptions. "Some states allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children based on personal beliefs""I think everybody should be able to make their ownchoice" " [..] "He was clear that we dont need a new law, we need people to exercise common sense." said Joshua Earnest, the white house press secretary. "Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children also are putting other peoples children at risk along with their own younger children, whose immunesystem may not be developed enough to fight off these infections By: Sarah Kreilein, Anisha Ajmani, And Hyder Bokhari "Scientific stupdies show no linl between vaccines and autism spectrum disorder, and inside the hearing, parents also talked about protecting their kids- from children who aren't vaccinated." (Bill to Limit Vaccine Exemptions Moves A Step closer In California By Pauline Bartolone) tap and hold to changethis text! It is being debated Whether vaccination should be mandatory or opptional to the parents choice A solutions should Be found to the vaccination debate. 3 solution examples are stated below According to the article"most americans believe That vaccinations should be mandatory""Seven in ten americans feel that parents should have to vaccinate their children." "With the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, its even more important to make sure children are immunized". (The ethical negligence of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, by Eric Kodish) In the article it states As states in the article
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