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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This side of the debate is arguing that everyone has to get vaccinated unless they have certain medical reasons. This side of the debate is arguing that no one should get vaccinated at all. They believe we can build up strong and heathy immune systems naturally. In the best side of the debate, people are arguing that parents should have a choice to choose what they want for their child. All three options effect parents, children, doctors, school, ect. This just proves how harmful vaccines can be to your, and your children's body. Parents, if you want the freedom to be able to choose your child's path, you need to make others agree with you. You can't just wait for a change, make it happen! I suggest going to a local radio station and make a live announcement about freedom of choice and spread the word! Also, I suggest talking with your congressmen to find out their opinions about freedom of choice. Ever yone has to get vacci nate d Who is this effecting ? No one gets vaccin ated Parent shave a choice So what should we do? According to, vaccines are only given to children after long and careful review by scientist, doctors, and healthcare professionals. The article "six reasons to say no to vaccination"it says that in Australia, the flu vaccine was suspended for children under the age of five due to alarming number of kids were having reactions within hours of getting the shot. This just shows that the vaccines are well thought out and tested many times before it is used to protect our society. According to Sarah, the healthy home economist, vaccines are loaded with harsh and harming chemicals such as, Phenol which is used in disinfect, aluminum, and Formadehyde which is cancer causing. Freedom of Choice! By: Sydney, Cassie, Nick, and Zach
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