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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DON'T MISPERCEIVE, PREVENT DISEASE TRUST EXPOSE ELIMINATE BENEFIT PREVENT Vaccines are beneficial to children and pose no threat. Parents have been exposedto false information which has led parents to doubt vaccines. Vaccinations arethe safest they can be andparents should trust them.Parents are more scared of vaccines than fataldiseases. If parents would take thetime to learn about whatvaccines do, their benefits,and the consequences ofnot receiving them, thenthere would be more factsand less misperceptions. Parents should also be aware of false medicalinformation and the facts. Vaccines have the capabilitiesto eliminate diseases globallyif they are being taken. Somecountries wiped the Polio viruscompletely out until parentsstarted refusing vaccines for their children.Then the virus was spread again.Why would we want diseases to stay around when we can get rid of them completely? Benefits from vaccinationsare numerous and therisks are rare. Children aresusceptible to more riskswhen they have not beenvaccinated. Vaccines dotheir job, and parents should too. Don't put yourchild and other childrenat risk when you have anopportunity to protect their future. Medical professionals areexpecting an epidemic uprise as vaccines continue to be refused. This placesthose vaccinated and un-vaccinated at risk. That means refusing vaccinesputs the entire populationat risk. We need to takeaction now and stop itbefore it's too late. Sources: Parents of young children need more education on how vaccines work and how they will benefit their children. Doctor's offices, schools,and every health facility should take part in driving vaccine education to prevent the continual up rise in vaccine refusals.With more vaccines being refused, the risk of getting a disease is higher. GET VACCINATED TODAY VACCINES SAVE LIVES
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