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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Vaccination Debate 1992 Some believe that lawmakers should leave it up to the states to create vaccination laws. California is working towards creating a law that limits your right to opt out of vaccinations. According to the article, only if children have "... A medical condition that justifies an exemption," are they able to choose not to vaccinate. The pro of this solution is that it exercises states rights (as stated in the U.S Constitution). The problem with this is that travelers from unvaccinated states to other places can spread diseases, like the Disneyland incident not too long ago. Solutio nOne Another key solution is hat parents have a choice in whether or not they vaccinate their children. According to the article,"Eliminating the personal belief excemption threatens their belief to do what's right for their children." Pros: 1) Religious parents are not forced into vaccinations2) Parents who believe that vaccines are cause autism don't have to get them for their kids3) the parents in favor of vaccines can give their kids vaccinations Cons:1) those who don't get vaccines could spread the disease to others and risk other children's safety The most reasonable solution is to create a law in which vaccinations are mandatory. In the article it states, "Children will die unnecessarily when they are not vaccinated. We live in a society with access to the best medicine in the world." Pros: 1) Less people will die2) Limit the spread of disease 3) Americans will be saferCons:1) No personal choice 2) Violate religion l 2008 Solution Three Solution Two In the final analysis, there should be a law making vaccinations mandatory because it is better for everyone's safety. Policy makers should consider this because it is a strong solution. It will limit the spread of disease, and keep Americans safe. Recently there has been much debate surrounding childhood vaccinations. This issue is one of increasing importance due to the recent outbreak of Measles in the US. Both sides of the argument, Lawmakers against Parents, have strong supporters. The big question being: should childhood vaccinations be required by law? There is much at stake in this debate, including the safety of children. Possible solutions should be analyzed because it concerns the safety of many Americans.
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