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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Volcanoes are large mountains that erupt when some of the 17 tectonicplates converging or diverging ( coming together or pulling apart).When a volcano erupts, hot lava,volcanic ash, hot clouds of embers and poisonous gases escape the magma chamber below. All of thisexplodes out of the peak of the mountain. Even though volcanoes can be very dangerous, lots of people have decided that it is worth therisk, with all the good that comeswith it. Minerals, geothermal energy, fertile soils and tourism all come with volcanoes, free of charge and for the taking. By knowing these things and having this equipment around your house, preparing for a volcanic eruption will be a whole lot easier! - knowing how to predict aneruption so you can get tosafety before the eruption- have emergency food andwater etc supplies handy- have an escape route plusa backup - have a first aid kit, dust mask/goggles, good shoes, a torchand any other survival necessity double click to change this title text! VOLCANOES WHY DO PEOPLE LIVE NEAR VOLCANOES? HOW CAN YOU PREPAREFOR AN ERUPTION? WHAT ARE THE DAMAGES OFAN ERUPTING VOLCANO? When a volcanoerupts, anythingin the magma-flow'spath is potentiallygone. Roads,schools, houses, fields etc willmost likely havea layer of ash on top, which can cause the buildingsto collapse, and the gasfumes can makeit impossible to breathe. WHAT CAN THE COMMUNITY DO TO MINIMISE THE IMPACT OF AN ERUPTION? Volcanoes can also destroyhouses/buildings,unemploy or makepeople homeless,start fires, damage plants orvegetation, destroy animals homes, cause electrical storms or tsunamis etc and caneven injure orkill people. The community can doquite a few things tominimise the impact of an eruption, such as:- build stronger houses/buildings that are lesslikely to collapse underfalling ash- dig trenches for thelava to flow into- firebreaks to stopany fires that may havestarted. VOLCANOES BY ZOË SCHMIDT
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