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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Hinduism and Buddhism Swastika Buddhism god Ganesha the Hinduism god Hinduism began about 40000 years ago in India Buddhism begin in the 5th century its REALLY old. It has been a round for a long time and people still belive in it Hinduism in my opinion is a very interesting subject. There sacred book contains there beliefs and moreHinduism has a sacred rule the most important it is called a Dharma.They have rulers and they are called priest ,This comes from there cast system there cast system is based on how important you are and your job the cast system There are so many different kinds of classes in the Hinduism cast but I found that there is a group lower then the untouchablesthe untouchables are a group that isn't worthy for your presonts so I wonder how the other class is treated Buddhism is really similar to buddhism in some ways they have thesame worship building,and the same class pyrimad Hinduism festivals are held throughout the year some festivals are held over deeds of a hero Buddhism festivals are kind of like the U.s celebrations they have new years and SO many more festevies F E s T v A L S People of the Hinduism cloture have a selebrationwere they throw paint on each other to celebrate the coming of Spring! Most people of the Buddhism belief have festivals to celebrate cutting off your hair because that is also apart of there religion they belived it would make them closer to there God PriestsWarriorsCommon peopleUnskilled Unwanted The cast system effected the people in Indiabecause it told who you are ,what you can and cannotdo and who you may marry
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