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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GUIDE BUYERS + White/Silver look, durable hypo-allergenic, very rare - Expensive Platinum + More affordable than platinum, most popular, durable - Maintenance, not hypo-allergenic 18K YELLOW GOLD + Classic, popular, symbolic, low mainetenance - Can be scratched, a diamond can absorb the color 14KWHITE GOLD * Karat is the purity grade of gold expressed in 24 parts. 18k equals 18/24 or 75% pure gold. Not the same as Carat. + Romantic, durable, modern.- Modern right now, uncommon 3 RING GUIDELINES 1. A narrow ring for slender hands and a wider one for someone with larger hands.2.The solitaire ring is the most popular choice3. The engagement ring is generally the most fancy one CARAT The weight of the finished diamond, expressed in Carat. 1 Carat equals 0.2 gram. The weightis overrated, an excellent cut diamond can appear larger than a poorly cut one. Stick to uneven carat weights ( i.e. 0.98) carat for best value. 0.9 carat is the average carat weight. 1.00 carat the most common one. R Excellent * Very Good * Good * Fair * Poor CUT O L O C The single most important factor to consider when buying a diamond, a great cut can makethe diamond appear larger, brighter and more alive. If you are considering a poor cut, think twice. Almost all diamonds have some imperfections (commonly referred to as inclusions), this is notcategorically bad. The number and the size ofthe imperfections sets the clarity grade. Mostexperts consider the clarity grade the least important factor. Above SI1 considerd eye clean. D H Z THE 4 C:s CLARITY 14KROSEGOLD Often cheaperper carat. Bewell informed before purchase. The most common shape, over 60%. Best optical performance. Classic. LEARN MOREHEAD TO ROUND PRINCESS THE OTHERS GIA CERTIFICATE Only trust GIA andAGS to 100 %. Other institutes tends to overrate color andother characteristics The next mostcommon shape, over 23%. Good optical performance. Modern. THE OTHER CHARACTERISTICS.... , GO FOR FAINT/NONE IF THE COLOR IS D-G, BELOW G; A STRONG BLUECAN MAKE THE DIAMOND APPEAR WHITERBETTER THAN GOOD AND YOUWILL NOT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE FLOURESCENCE POLISH/SYMMETRY SHAPES .COM The color of the diamond, ranging from D to Z,where D is completely colorless and Z is light yellow/brown. Nothing says D is better or more beautiful than Z or any other grading. D is just the most rare one. For the human eye, anything above H will appear colorless to the naked eye.
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