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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Computing With V7 How we can change the way the world searches for a cure Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. 2010 Experts say that numbercould rise to 16.2 millionby 2050 at the current rate 1. Remote Management The V7 Software currently has over39,549 Teraflops ofComputing power Cancer and Disease Numbers 10-20GFLOPS Solution of a 100,000 GFLOP task My goal is to set up a functioning cluster toachieve 400 GFLOPS Fast, andEnduring Efficient, andredundant Title/question Date - Data Date - Data When P53 protiensare not present,computing discoveredthat mutationsoccur much faster,and lead to tumors V7 ClusterComputing Efficient and Powerful Easy distribution of tasks A single laptop with an Intel coreDuo procesordelivers This lead to massivediscoveries of the P53protein and how certain cancers develop in tissue 1-2.5 hoursPer Task and help find a cure for today'smost deadly cancers anddiseases 1.5-3 hoursPer Task Currently there are 5.1 million people diagnosedwith Alzheimer's in the US Last saying(motivate) By using V7 in a cluster we can help find a cureand locate where Alzhimersdisease begins. Since we areaiming for a massive amountof CPU power, the ability tosolve these large tasks willbe extremely fast! Breast Liver A single computerwith an IntelPentium 4 delivers 15-25GFLOPS 31.19%of samplesshowed mutation V7 operating on a secure release of linux, with twohead nodes and 16 worker nodes provides a efficient, yetredundant computing solution. I will accomplish manydemanding tasks benifiting all! 22.81%of samplesshowed mutation = 500,000 Alzhimers related deaths 2000 We can change this! i am not sure what to put herei included a template but i have been stuck
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