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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Citizens Jobs Society Housing Education Government Citizens Everyone is of equal status.All citizens have jobs and make the same wages. People can sell goods or provide extra services for money to buy nonessential goods or services for themselves.All citizens wear a selection of grey or black clothing. Everyone has a smiliar wardrobe. Everyone builds the typehome they would like to live in. All houses are relatively of the same worthbecause everyone makes thesame wage, making everyone'shousing equal. There is no poverty because there is no unemploymentand all life styles are similar. Everyone in society is granted a high school education. After high school, the citizens choosetheir jobs and trainin the field that they wishto work, similar to college exceptthat the government pays for alleducation. Capusis . Our government is a direct democracy. There are no politicalparties. Elections for each governmentposition happen every 4 years. The government provides all healthcare servicesas well as all types of insurance. The government takes care of all ofits citizens major needs, While leaving food options and other types ofgoods and services up to the citizenson what they would like to have. This is possible because everyone works together. No army is needed becauseCapusis is an isolated peaceful country. Capusis' population is made upof 250,000 citizens. It consists of four different regions: LaLusa, Carpeduzim, Jarluta, and Ratoz.No contact is made with the outsideworld. All citizens have practical jobs that provide essential products and services to the country suchas farming, workingin power plants, and providing health care services. All citizens work 8 hours a day.
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