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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Modern 2500 BC-600 BC 10000 BC 650 BC-AD 43 650 BC- AD 43 Modern 8000 BCE -3000 BCE Stone Age Plant fibers were woven into not only cloth but rope, nets and baskets. Spinning of cotton traces back to 3000 BC. Iron Age Animal skins were used for cloaks and decoration. Also, India introduced the culture of silk in 400 AD. Women wore long woolen skirts and short tunics. Men wore knee-length wrap-around skirts, or kilt-like woolens, as well as tunics, cloaks and one-piece garments. And they also wore round woolen hats. Bronze Age Sheep were domesticated and their skin was used for leather. Much later their hair was used for wool. Cloth was even used as currency in countries like Africa 300 AD. Modern Age People can weave different fabrics together and use them to tell stories. The method used to tell stories through fabrics is generally through a tapestry. Today more intricate designs and colors are used on patterns of clothing. Beads and gems are sown onto clothing articlesand fabrics are also mixed. 5000 BC Loincloths were a style worn by the people of the stone age. Their clothes were often made of skins, hides and furs or woven vegetables and animal fibers. In Egypt spinning linen and weaving developed in 3400 BC. * Uses of Clothing Stone - Bronze - Iron - Modern Ages 8000 BCE -3000 BCE
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