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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 User Experience For Developers Myths Every click must have a clear purpose! Clicking is not a problem as long as the cognitive friction is low and the application allows them to know they are closer to get to their goal. Whitespace White space allows the brain to deconstructthe interface more easily, helps user focus on their goal, provides visual grouping and lowersemotional friction. The Less Clicks The Better. The Less Whitespace In The Screen The Better. Scrolling The Less Scrolling The Better And If There Is Non Way Better! Scrolling for the users have become a habit, they do it without even thinking about it and this combined with white space on the screen makes the user cognitive friction go to a low level. White Space and groupings are like candy for the brain! Counting Clicks Small Details don't matter Scrolling is expected by a high percentage of our user base. The small explanation on the bottom is not needed. Small details do matter, they helpreducing the cognitive friction by pointingthe users sight towards a goal. Visualdetails are captured by the brain quickly. Let's lead the user to their goal! More Choices Let's give the user as much choices as we can. We can think of choices as roadblocks, the more choices we have on a screen the more easier for the user to get confused. This also makes theUI very hard to understand and increases theuser "guessing" process. The less options we have the better! Usability is more important than beauty Doesn't matter if it's not that good looking when the user understands the benefits they'll love it! Users will always judge the quality and credibility of an application by the way it looks,they might even leave the site if is not pleasantfor the eyes. If it looks great they would defend it when it's threatened by any situations,this is a fact! Who doesn't like a beautiful UI. UXMyths
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