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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aromatherapy was first coined in 1937 by French chemist Rene Gattefosse -Eliminates microbes in the airreducing the spread of cold& flu viruses-Emotionally uplifting,decrease stress& anxiety-will fortify your own immune system to help prevent you getting sick Studies Show: *positive effects on the immune system & behavior*Aids in the relief of anxiety & stress*Antimicrobial activity Aromatherapy has a fairly lowtoxicity profile when administeredby inhalation or diluted topical application Aromatherapy is: The therapeutic use ofessential oils for the improvement of physical,spiritual and emotional well-being. "on average, an essential oilcontains 100 components...with many more to be discovered" Diffusing of Essential Oils Low Toxicity **One of the two most effective ways to utilize essentialoils is through inhalation Due to the complexity ofessential oils, bacteria and viruses can not build up a resistance strainto them It immediately eased the pain,but also helped heal the hand w/o infection or a scar The Benefits of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy In 1910 he burnt his hand in his labquickly treating it with pure lavenderoil that was nearby leave the body with great efficiency leaving no toxinsbehind He went on to analyze the chemical properties of E.O's and how they wereused to treat soldiers in WWI for burns, skin infections, gangrene and wounds Essential Oils enter and Sources:The complete book of Essential Oils &AromatherapyUniv. of Maryland Medical CenterNational Cancer Institute
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