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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Urbanisations in Mega City Urbanisations in Mega City Approximately 33% of the population in New Delhi are in poverty which means approximately 400 million people in slum conditions. This makes this mega city not handling its population well making it one of the largest places where poverty is in. Since there is a lot with urbanisation the city is expanding majorly every month, more people are in slum conditions. New Delhi has a major water shortage problems with most of the outer parts not receiving water since the ground water is depleted. Since there is over 1.2 billion people soon nearly 30% of the population will die of dehydration or sickness from the polluted water since they are in slums. Since it is expanding, water pipes have to be moved to house to house which is a lot of money but some of the water is not getting anywhere since the mega cities are huge. Mega cities are places all over the world. There are 33 mega cities in 2014, These mega cities are places with over 5 million people. These places can cope with the amount of citizens in one place but some are struggling such as New Delhi, Tokyo and other places. But there are places that are coping well such as Paris, New York and more.Most Mega cities use alot of water and food that it takes about the same to even more size of agricultural farms to keep the population healthy and well fed. But there can be a lotof problems then just food such as accidents, crime and pollution New Delhi New York New York has expanded alot in years since of urbanisation.They have very little problems such as the little povertysince most people have jobs there and are earning money
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