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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Other America"*40 million in poverty*1962- 1/4 people below poverty line (mostly elderly, single women & children, minorities) "White Flight"*1950s- millions of whites left city for suburbs -city lost businesses -gov't couldn't afford to maintain schools, transportation, etc*rural poor move to inner city Urban Poverty Leads to Activism $3,036 (family of 4) most African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans lived in crowded slums Suburban American remained unaware of poverty Urban Renewal *National Housing Act of 1949 provided "a decent home for every family"*destroy old neighborhoods to construct low-income housing -not enough housing to accommodate all displaced people*Housing and Urban Development cabinet position created to improve inner city conditions "Activism"*African Americans work to reduce racial discrimination*Mexican American activism increased after WWII vets returned Braceros *1942 gov't program- allowed Mexicans into US to harvest crops*expected to leave once work was complete- many did not -some crossed border illegally to escape poor economy *Unity League of California: register Mexican-American voters and promote candidates with their interests Termination Policy *1953- gov't gave up responsibility for tribes -eliminated economic support -stopped reservation system*Bureau of Indian Affairs relocated 35k natives to urban areas -no jobs due to discrimination and poor training -no medical care
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