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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Upstairs Room By Johanna Reiss In the book The Upstairs Roomwritten by Johanna Reiss deeply distinguishes how a Jewish girl Annie, has to separate from her family and go into hiding at a farm. Annie will stay hidden for two years and seven months, while Sini her sister gets a job. With many struggles and many difficulties the girls will survive and later move back with her family. Summary What if you had to hide in a tight area for almost 3 year? What would you do if you rarely got to talk to your family for almost 3 years? Annie is only 10 years old and is trying to survive with people she doesn't even know. Sequence of events While hiding Annie almost gets caught by the Germans. Annie is Jewish and is finding it harder to learn at school. Annie's family has to find hiding places. Germans stay with the family Annie is staying with. She has to stay in her hidden closet which is in the wall. The war is over and Annie and her family are free. The Germans leave and it is getting towards the end of the war. The de Leeuw family goes back to there house that's outside of town. "It can't happen here. . .safe here. . . this isn't Germany. . . this is Holland, you know. . ." Quote This is an awesome quote because it shows how the Germans invaded Annie's little town so quickly after the world war happened so, she had to move far away so she wouldn't be taken away.
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